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  3. Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It

: Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It

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Standing out is no longer optional Too many people believe that if they keep their headsdown and work hard, they ll be recognized on the meritsof their work. But that s simply not true anymore. Safe jobs disappear daily, and the clamor of everydaylife drowns out ordinary contributions. To make a name for yourself, to create true job security, and tomake a difference in the world, you have to share yourunique perspective and inspire others to take action. But in a noisy world where it seems everything s beensaid and shouted from the rooftops how can yourideas stand out? Fortunately, you don t have to be a genius ora worldwide superstar to make an impact. Drawing oninterviews with more than fifty thought leaders in fieldsranging from business to genomics to urban planning, Dorie Clark shows how these masters achieved successand how anyone with hard work can do the same. Whether it s learning to ask the right questions, developingand building on an expert niche, or combiningdisparate fields to get a new perspective, Clark outlinesways to develop the ideas that set you apart. Of course, having a breakthrough insight is onlyhalf the battle. If you really want to share your ideas, you have to find a way to build an audience, communicateyour message, and inspire others to embraceyour vision. Starting small is fine; Clark providesa step-by-step guide to help you leverage your existingnetworks, attract new people to your cause, and, ultimately, build a community around your ideas. Featuring vivid examples based on interviews withinfluencers such as Seth Godin, David Allen, andDaniel Pink, Clark shows you how to break through and ensure that your ideas get noticed. Becominga thought leader in your company or in your professionis the ultimate career insurance. But even moreimportant it s also a chance to change the world forthe better. Whatever your cause, perspective, or point ofview, the world can t afford for the best ideas to remainburied inside you. Whether it s how to improve theeducational system or how to make your companymore efficient, your ideas matter. The world needsyour insights, and it s time to be bold. '


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