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  2. Liero, Hannelore
  3. Introduction to the Theory of Statistical Inference

: Introduction to the Theory of Statistical Inference

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Based on the authors' lecture notes, Introduction to the Theory of Statistical Inference presents concise yet complete coverage of statistical inference theory, focusing on the fundamental classical principles. Suitable for a second-semester undergraduate course on statistical inference, the book offers proofs to support the mathematics. It illustrates core concepts using cartoons and provides solutions to all examples and problems. Highlights * Basic notations and ideas of statistical inference are explained in a mathematically rigorous, but understandable, form * Classroom-tested and designed for students of mathematical statistics * Examples, applications of the general theory to special cases, exercises, and figures provide a deeper insight into the material * Solutions provided for problems formulated at the end of each chapter * Combines the theoretical basis of statistical inference with a useful applied toolbox that includes linear models * Theoretical, difficult, or frequently misunderstood problems are marked The book is aimed at advanced undergraduate students, graduate students in mathematics and statistics, and theoretically-interested students from other disciplines. Results are presented as theorems and corollaries. All theorems are proven and important statements are formulated as guidelines in prose. With its multipronged and student-tested approach, this book is an excellent introduction to the theory of statistical inference.


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