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: Digital Transformation Playbook

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The fast-moving digital environment has been disorienting for traditional businesses, and many may not even realize their strategies are outdated. If managed correctly, lagging businesses can transition by harnessing the power of the digital age to create new value for customers and outperform their competitors. Drawing on years of experience as an educator, researcher, and consultant, David L. Rogers identifies five key rulesand provides practical, hands-on toolsthat will help businesses of all sizes adapt, innovate, and maximize value creation. Rogerss rules address critical categories for every business: customers, competition, data, innovation, and the value proposition. For each, he presents diverse case studies (from companies such as Apple and Uber to GE and the New York Times), discusses common challenges to adopting the digital approach, and provides companies and business leaders clear, tested steps to implement new practices. Rogers shows that, rather than being disrupted by digital business models, any business can learn the rules of todays leading digital enterprises. This playbook is all business leaders need to create and pursue a digital plan that works.


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