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  2. Baron-Reid, Colette
  3. Uncharted: The Journey Through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility

: Uncharted: The Journey Through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility

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  • Materiaali: Sidottu
  • Kustantaja: Hay House
  • Kieli: englanti
  • ISBN: 9781401948627
  • Katseltu: 102 krt
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Where are we going? How will we get there? In a world of uncertainty, most of us don t really know. Our challenge is to sail into uncharted waters away from the familiar ways that don t work anymore to discover ourselves and the infinite potential for our lives. It s in these as-yet-undiscovered places within us that we come to recognize what we can be and what we can co-create with Spirit. If we try to create guided only by the old, familiar map of our lives, what we create won t be authentic to who we are becoming; we ll just be doing the same thing over and over. As intuitive counselor and spiritual cartographer Colette Baron-Reid explains, we need a different kind of map not one that tells us where we ve been, but one we fill in as each new experience changes us into who we need to be to live our destiny. This new map is a map of the soul. In Uncharted, you ll learn to draw your own map of the soul as Colette guides you on an inward journey through five interconnected realms. First you ll get oriented in the Realm of Spirit, your home that connects the other four. Then you will do the work of self-evolution and co-creation in the Realms of Mind, Light, Energy, and Form. In the Realm of Mind, you experience your consciousness intermingled with that of all Consciousness. In the Realm of Light, you illuminate the darkness and experience transformation as you reclaim lost parts of yourself. In the Realm of Energy, you consciously direct the forces influencing you. In the Realm of Form, you see the results of your self-evolution manifested in the material world. At every step, you learn to harness your personal power and turn fear into possibility as you venture into the undiscovered places where magic happens. '


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