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  3. How to Cook Everything: 2,000 Simple Recipes for Great Food

: How to Cook Everything: 2,000 Simple Recipes for Great Food

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Today's Favorite Kitchen Companion Revised and Better Than Ever Mark Bittman's award-winning 'How to Cook Everything' has helped countless home cooks discover the rewards of simple cooking. Now the ultimate cookbook has been revised and expanded (almost half the material is new), making it absolutely indispensable for anyone who cooks or wants to. With Bittman's straightforward instructions and advice, you'll make crowd-pleasing food using fresh, natural ingredients; simple techniques; and basic equipment. Even better, you'll discover how to relax and enjoy yourself in the kitchen as you prepare delicious meals for every occasion. 'A week doesn't go by where I don't pull 'How to Cook Everything' down from the shelf, so I am thrilled there's a new, revised edition. My original is falling apart ' Al Roker 'This new generation of 'How to Cook Everything' makes my 'desert island' cookbook choice jacked up and simply universal. I'll now bequeath my cookbooks to a collector; I need only this one. ' Mario Batali 'Mark Bittman has done the impossible, improving upon his now-classic 'How to Cook Everything. ' If you need know-how, here's where to find it. ' Bobby Flay 'Mark Bittman is a great cook and an incredible teacher. In this second edition, Mark has fine-tuned the original, making this book a must for every kitchen. ' Jean-Georges Vongerichten 'Throw away all your old recipes and buy 'How to Cook Everything. ' Mark Bittman's recipes are foolproof, easy, and more modern than any others. ' Isaac Mizrahi 'Generous, thorough, reliable, and necessary, 'How to Cook Everything' is an indispensable reference for both experienced and beginner cooks. ' Mollie Katzen, author of the 'Moosewood Cookbook' 'I learned how to cook from 'How to Cook Everything' in a way that gives me the freedom to be creative. This new edition will be my gift to new couples or for a housewarming; if you have this book, you don't really need any others. ' Lisa Loeb, singer/songwriter'


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