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: Classic Recipes of the Philippines

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This book deals with traditional food and cooking in 25 authentic dishes. It explores the richness of this exotic cuisine with 25 classic recipes presented in a stylish gift book. You can experience the exciting taste of Filipino food in more than 25 recipes, ranging from a warming soup such as Chicken and Ginger Broth with Papaya, moreish street snacks like Crispy Fried Pork Belly or Filipino Pork Satay, or a refreshing Red Mustard Leaf Salad. The introduction offers a concise overview of this exciting culinary tradition, Filipino food festivals, and a guide to the main ingredients of the country. It is illustrated with stunning photographs by Martin Brigdale of practical steps and final dishes. A melting pot of myriad cultural and geographical culinary influences, including China and Spain, the food and cooking of the Philippines is a unique experience. Characteristic ingredients include chilli, galangal, garlic and shrimp paste, which are balanced by the use of peanuts and coconut milk to create a perfect harmony of taste and texture. This delightful collection of recipes captures the highlights of Filipino cooking. There are tasty street snacks, light and fragrant noodle dishes, spicy shellfish dinners, succulent meat and poultry meals, refreshing salads and wonderful sweet snacks and drinks to try. Packed with beautiful photography, step-by-step recipe instructions, cook's tips and variations, this recipe book is a must for anyone interested in exploring new cuisines and producing delectable food to impress friends and family alike.


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