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  3. Big Bang Disruption: Strategy in the Age of Devastating Innovation

: Big Bang Disruption: Strategy in the Age of Devastating Innovation

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It used to take years or even decades fordisruptive innovations to dethrone dominantproducts and services. But now any businesscan be devastated virtually overnightby something better and cheaper. How canexecutives protect themselves and harnessthe power of Big Bang Disruption? Just a few years ago, drivers happily spent more than$200 for a GPS unit. But as smartphones exploded inpopularity, free navigation apps exceeded the performanceof stand-alone devices. Eighteen months afterthe debut of the navigation apps, leading GPS manufacturershad lost 85 percent of their market value. Consumer electronics and computer makershave long struggled in a world of exponential technologyimprovements and short product life spans. But until recently, hotels, taxi services, doctors, andenergy companies had little to fear from the informationrevolution. Those days are gone forever. Software-basedproducts are replacing physical goods. And everyservice provider must compete with cloud-basedtools that offer customers a better way to interact. Today, start-ups with minimal experience andno capital can unravel your strategy before you evenbegin to grasp what s happening. Never mind the innovator s dilemma this is the innovator s disaster. And it s happening in nearly every industry. Worse, Big Bang Disruptors may not even seeyou as competition. They don t share your approachto customer service, and they re not sizing up yourproduct line to offer better prices. You may simplybe collateral damage in their efforts to win completelydifferent markets. The good news is that any business can masterthe strategy of the start-ups. Larry Downes andPaul Nunes analyze the origins, economics, andanatomy of Big Bang Disruption. They identifyfour key stages of the new innovation life cycle, helping you spot potential disruptors in time. Andthey offer twelve rules for defending your markets, launching disruptors of your own, and getting outwhile there s still time. Based on extensive research by the AccentureInstitute for High Performance and in-depth interviewswith entrepreneurs, investors, and executivesfrom more than thirty industries, Big Bang Disruptionwill arm you with strategies and insights to thrive inthis brave new world. '


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