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: 50 Photo Projects

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This is a stunning collection of 50 new, inspirational photo projects designed to get the creative juices flowing freely from renowned photographer and author Lee Frost. Photographers of all abilities are constantly looking for fresh ideas and new ways to express themselves with both traditional and digital photography. Frost provides a variety of exciting projects — from creating an online photoblog to printing images on to canvas — focusing on exploring ideas and concepts, rather than specific techniques. Examples from Frost's own photography demonstrate the breadth and scope of end products that can be achieved with a camera, and easy-to-follow advice shows how readers can translate the ideas to their own projects. '50 Photo Projects' is guaranteed to inject some fresh excitement into the creative processes involved in this guide to photography. Author Biography:Lee Frost is an acclaimed photographer and one of the best-known writers on photography in the world. He leads photo tours, has written several best-selling books (including The A — Z of Creative Photography for D&C) and is a regular contributor to magazines including Photography Monthly, Outdoor Photography and Black & White Photography. This is his 10th book for D&C. Lee lives in Northumberland. Contents:Introduction- PROJECTS to include:- Architecture with Attitude (capturing amazing buildings)- Dawn Chorus (making the best of photographing in the morning)- Food for Thought (capturing the true creative beauty of culinary art)- Instant Gratification (experimenting with a Polaroid)- It's in the Detail (interpret images that are visually refreshing)- Last Light (making the most of a unique sunset)- Long Term Project (making a historical document)- Make a Montage (getting the best out of print-on-demand websites)- Off the Wall (making the most of exhibitions)- Pocket Power (compact cameras, small but perfectly formed)- Pin Sharp (step back in time and work with a pinhole camera)- Scaling Down (size recognition when capturing a scene)- Shadowplay (see how a shadow can become the subject, rather than just a shady image of it)- Start a Photoblog (making the most of this easy-to-master, and often free, online opportunity).


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