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  3. 111 Places in Mallorca That You Shouldnt Miss

: 111 Places in Mallorca That You Shouldnt Miss

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This beautiful and strong island, dubbed the 'European Caribbean', sometimes despised for the gigantic hotel complexes on one beach, sports an enchanting splendour of picturesque and surprising spots in the natives' old Mallorca nearly unknown to tourists. This book shows — besides curiosities about better-known sights — locations where apartment houses hang over cliffs, for instance, or where to discover the tracks of the founder of San Francisco, where you can meet the devil, or particularly strong women, and where, perhaps for this reason, a church is standing on its head; where to find ancient Rome on the beach, where a bridge which is millions of years old arches over the sea, how the island's dark underworld looks, in what kinds of dens people lived on Mallorca around 1, 000 B. C. , where citizens are guarded by a grimacing face, where secret medieval orders left their traces, on which mountains three cloisters, as old as the hills, are stuck above each other like 'swallows' nests', or — speaking of cloisters — in which one Frederic Chopin's piano still stands today.


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